Christine Murphy started developing photographs at age 13 in her homemade darkroom. She developed more than negatives; she developed a lifelong love of photography and has since honed the art of capturing the emotion of her subjects in her photographs.
As a nature lover and resident of the Sierra foothills during the lovechild ’60′s’, Christine’s adventures with photography grew while hiking the remote California mountains and living deep in the woods, carrying her camera and her banjo everywhere–in company only with her German Shepard dog. Christine now lives in Hollywood, CA and wanders the landscapes of California to capture it’s wild beauty as well as other travel locations.
She is also a natural light portrait and headshot photographer capturing the inner spirit of the people she photographs.
“Wandering the California landscapes is a joy for me. I was born here and have spent my life hiking, camping, wandering the hills and mountains fulfilling a wanderlust I can’t seem to rid myself of. Then, when it is time to connect up with people, I work with a person to create a stylish theme with which to photograph. This becomes  a creative endeavor in which I create a stylish theme to create an aesthetic result they have for a lifetime. Portraits, headshots, developing a
theme and lifestyle shots are very rewarding.
 Also, feel free to check out my book, “While Wandering – A Photo-Poetic Journey Through California Landscapes”. This is a collaberative project I took on with my mother, Viola Odell. Together, both wanderers, we created this book of poems she had written to her favorite photographs I had taken.
She had enjoyed a prairie life in the disappearing west, growing up on a ranch that I was lucky to experience as a child learning to crochet, garden, ride horses and help in the Snellng post office. We lshared a love of ohn Muir, Yosemite and all that is beauty and nature.